XIII GUIDE Conference
The Education in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Igor Val.Danilov

Born in St. Petersburg, he lives in Rome.
Graduated in quantum physics. Scholar, intellectual in the field of sociology and mass media.
Former partner and ex referent of Gazprom-Media in Italy.
More than 30 years of experience in the international mass media market.
A scholar and art lover, he moved to Italy in 2010 and was able to start his career as a promoter of projects to develop knowledge of art and science.
Founder and sponsor of the virtual museum MARTIS (2017) and the virtual museum "Mubyz" (2016) sponsored by the Representation in Italy of the European Commission, member of the ICOM-Italy and the WTO of the United Nations.
Founder and sponsor of the ACEB ONLUS Association of Cities (2013)
Financier and promoter of the Nice Film Festival (2010-2011)
Director of Operations Eastern Europa and Russia of the Marconi International University (2017-2018)

Books and speeches:

Treaty "The Fake News provenance and the open society" (2017)
"City heirs of Byzantium", 2013-2014-2015
"The history of the city of St. Petersburg", 2005;
"Universal History", 2003, in Russian
"Hannibal, the ancestor of the poet Pushkin" (1999)

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