XIII GUIDE Conference
The Education in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

XII International GUIDE Conference

The XII International GUIDE Conference, was held in Orlando from 15th to 17th February 2017.

Jointly organized by Guide Association and University of Phoenix (Central Florida), has seen the participation of outstanding universities coming from different countries.

The Conference was attended by more than 120 participants. The 49 Academic Presentations focused on the current status and next evolutions of distance learning, addressed different topics, ranging from:

  • new rethinking pedagogy for the current digital generation
  • innovative emerging technologies
  • improvement of a standardized quality system in e-learning

The pedagogical approaches to be used for the new digital generation has been the most debated topic. In this framework practical case studies have been presented, reflecting on the use of new media and social networks as learning tools.

Most appreciate as strongest components of the presentations were research projects, case studies with specific references to experience and applicative results.

Also the discussion of knowledge exchange between academic and professional spheres with sharing experiences was much appreciated by the attendees.

Among the most important issues there is the current trends in digital studies and applications, identifying the student’s multiple struggles and giving real solutions to student’s needs and expectations.

About this issue significant attention was given to the gamification approach, with its crucial role in making  the learning experience more attractive and stimulating through the use of simulation, animations and narrative-based learning.

In particular the discussion examined  how games can help the student learning and how to find games and use games in the classrooms.

Guide Association and University of Phoenix (Central Florida) would like to thank all speakers and participants for coming to Orlando and making the conference a good improvement in the field of distance learning.

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